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 1 State, 16 Counties, 100+ Students Strong. 

Maryland secondary and post secondary school students working together to create and advocate for effective and equitable education policy. 



The Maryland Student Coalition (MSC) is a student-run advocacy organization, that is tasked with organizing and representing student issues to the local Boards of Education and the Maryland State Government.

The MSC accepts Associates from all districts in the state, who wish to volunteer and testify on matters that they personally care about. The MSC is also comprised of Member Organizations who work together within MSC to advocate for legislation and education policy. 

When a popular (or unpopular) policy is being debated, the Maryland Student Coalition will be on the ground floor gathering public opinion, personally testifying and organizing students from across the state. 


We are pleased to introduce the Maryland Student Coalition, a student-led education advocacy group dedicated to delivering effective and equitable education legislation on the state and local level.


To carry out our mission, we will work in three collective areas:


1.  Public Service Opportunities


Testimonials: On matters relating to education affairs, we will provide every member of the coalition opportunities to submit written testimony. From the coasts of Wicomico to the mountains of Alleghany, the MSC is committed to providing diverse and unique perspectives representing the opinions of students all across Maryland.


Publications: Voicing student opinion on public policy through oped writings and other press communications is an imperative source for student voice to be recognized. Initiatives led by members of the Maryland Student Coalition have garnered coverage from the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Matters, and well-known local blogs.


2.  Community Partnerships


Organizations: The MSC will seek out other non-profit organizations and student-led advocacy groups to incubate ideas. We will also welcome such groups to reach out to us with ideas they have or wish to be a part of when it comes to our own work. 


Connections: Local leaders such as school board members and county/city councilmen can be insightful resources for hearing constructive criticism. We will collaborate with these officials to improve our messaging and prepare positions on issues. We would be gracious to earn their pledged support. 


3.  Participation


Students who desire to be active stakeholders in the coalition will be provided opportunities to draft legislative proposals and briefs. These writings will then be provided to members of the Maryland General Assembly in hopes they feel the issue is urgent enough to be formally drafted as legislation


We welcome your voice as we advocate for the students of Maryland.



Have access to an advocacy toolkit to assist you with your MSC advocacy!


Learn more about the initiatives we have sponsored, and the testimony we have provided. 


Setup a meeting with an affiliate of the MSC to discuss any advocacy ideas you have, or to establish membership for your organization!